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If you fall into the category of being a millennial woman I’m sure you’ve at some point been heartbroken, depressed, stressed, taken advantage of, felt like you weren’t doing enough, lost, no clue what your purpose was, and a laundry list of other things. If you haven’t…CONGRATULATIONS! Let’s switch places…joking! But in all honestly, millennial women deal with a lot and I’m here to tell you IT’S OKAY!

I did an interactive Q&A session on my Instagram @Zakiyrah and asked the question, “What are some things that you struggle with as a millennial woman?” I took some of those answers and decided to give some insight because I’m sure there are many other women who are struggling with the same things.

Checkout 6 Struggles Millennial Women have:

Budgeting Money

  • If you’re anything like I was you probably just spent money without realizing where it was going. When I finally sat down and looked at my bank account I realized I was spending a lot of money on eating out and frivolous spending. I wanted to begin saving money and budgeting money properly so that I wouldn’t pay for not doing it in the long haul. One thing I would suggest doing is putting a certain amount of money away weekly. No matter how big or small it is just making sure you put it in a savings account. Don’t try to do a huge amount to where you will have to go back and touch it. Do what’s comfortable and gradually increase. Budgeting your money properly is a great way to help with saving. A great app to use for budgeting money is Mint Budgeting App. This app allows you to connect your bank account right to the app and it will use all of your details to create a personalized budget for you. Try that out and I’m sure your stress level will decrease a little.

budgeting money

Time Management

  • When you prioritize your tasks it helps you to be a little more organized and keeps a track on everything you get accomplished so you don’t miss anything you need to get done. I’ve learned that when you prioritize your to-do list it takes a lot of stress off of yourself and you can truly focus on what’s important for that moment without worrying about everything else you have to do because you already know the time for that is already accounted for. Try using the gTasks Pro App to get your time management in order.

time management

Focusing on purpose vs. popularity

  • Some parts of the media make us believe that we have to walk, talk, look, act, and follow the latest trends like the women we see on television or in magazines in order to be successful or inspire other women. It becomes too much to keep up with what’s popular versus following our God-given assignments. Just because something looks good or profitable does not mean it’s for you. Don’t get caught up in the hype social media has offered. So, before making a decision to do something you should ask yourself, “Does this align with my purpose?” If not, then it’s time that you start making your purpose your criteria for connecting with people and not their popularity. I want you to remember…”It’s not about popularity…it’s about legacy.” At the end of it, all people won’t remember how popular you were, but they will remember how you impacted that little girls’ life, or the deeds you did for the less fortunate, or even the way you made them feel as a person.

popularity vs. purpose

Rushing the process

  • Rushing the process can birth your purpose prematurely and you may not be ready for what God is calling you to do. Do not rush your process. You have to fall in love and trust the process. What you learn during the process is far more valuable than the outcome. God has us right where He wants us, so we don’t need to insult Him and try to create our own plan ahead of His.

rushing the process


  • Don’t let go of your morals and values because you’re STILL single! You’re still single for a reason. God needs you to get comfortable with where he has you so that he can prepare you for the husband he has waiting for you. The time you are single you should be investing it into things like building your relationship with Christ, spending more time with family so you understand the value of family, learning to cook, doing things that bring you joy, traveling, learning, and enjoying life. Your single season is not a curse. Don’t miss out on the things God wants you to see and accomplish or His joy and peace during your single season because your desires are overtaking Him.

single season

Letting go of the past/Forgiveness

  • One of my favorite sections in my book, Her 20 SomeTHINGS is “There is an expiration date on blaming the past.” This is something that I had to learn for myself. When we hold onto things from our past it is keeping us from moving forward. When we hold onto things and don’t forgive people ultimately we are the ones who suffer, not them. People are tired of hearing you blame your current behavior or circumstances on your past. I’m not suggesting that you should forget about your past, but I am suggesting that you do not live there.

“I truly learned that the only thing you can change about your past is how you let it affect you now.” ~Zakiyrah Ficklin~

letting go of the past

So…Let’s not look at being a millennial woman…or a woman in general as “hard/challenging, although it may be, but let’s look at it as a privilege. A privilege to learn from our mistakes, a privilege to inspire young ladies, and a privilege to be the definition of love, sacrifice, and nurturing. Everything that we go through or don’t understand God has allowed because He needs to prepare us for who/what He has called us to be.

Written by: Zakiyrah Ficklin

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  • Zakayla

    Great Post ! You made awesome points about the struggles and triumphs of a millennial woman, like myself.

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