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Queen! You don’t have time to settle for anything in life! That’s with relationships, friendships, financially, spiritually, emotionally, what color lipstick you should wear with those new shoes, or a laundry list of other things! Ok…I may have gone overboard with the lipstick, but seriously…NEVER settle for anything less than what you deserve!
One thing that I’ve always been firm on is my circle of girlfriends. That saying

“you become like the five people you spend the most time with”

is so true! I get antsy when I feel complacent, if I’m surrounded by people who aren’t constantly striving to be better, or when I surround myself around people who aren’t pushing me closer to my purpose and holding me accountable.
Four Mutual Things You and Your Girlfriends Should Be Doing:

  • Holding each other accountable to the goals that you each have set.

It can get very stressful when you have a list of goals that you want to accomplish and you don’t have anyone around to hold you accountable or push you to keep going. Your girlfriends should be the wall that holds you up when you feel like giving up. One thing my girlfriends and I do is keep a written record of what’s on our list to accomplish and we check in periodically to see if everything is being done. If it’s not, trust we are giving each other a kick in the butt!

  • Pushing each other closer to Christ.

If your girls aren’t pushing and motivating you to level up spiritually you may need to reevaluate your circle. You should always be able to call your girls when something is going wrong to pray and also when things are going great to give thanks to God. My girlfriends and I have weekly bible study where we talk about a number of important topics, including; our week, things we are grateful for, worship together, and then study the word. This is a great way to stay spiritually connected with your girls.

  • Supporting each other in your new and existing ventures.

I know it’s impossible to support every single person, but you should be supporting your circle when they have new exciting things happening. It’s often said that strangers are more likely to support you than your own friends. Let’s try our hardest to support the people who have always supported us. I know I’m guilty of this sometimes. I’ll be so busy and consumed in my own things that I don’t genuinely support my girls and they’re ALWAYS there for me! For my girlfriends and I, we make sure that at least one person is there rooting them on when we have events.

  • Getting each other ALL THE WAY together if you see each other slipping in any area of your lives or not representing your personal brands appropriately.

I’m probably the first one out of my circle to put someone in check when they’re not being the person they said they wanted to be, or the things they said they wanted to do. It’s important that we become hard on each other because it will do nothing but help us in the long run.

Make sure you are putting yourself around powerful people who are pushing you into your purpose! I thank God every day for the Queens that he has placed in my life because they will pull a quick…” Girl, you better level up on me!

I challenge you to write down a list of your closest girls and next to each name put what value they add to your life and what value you add to theirs. If it does not balance out than you need to have some conversations and start adjusting. You can’t afford to have parasitic or neutral relationships. They need to be mutual!

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  • Andrea Ewelike

    Wow I strive and pray for friendships like this. I know God can do it!

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