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I’m sure by now it is no secret that your 20’s can be the most confusing, happy, sad, disappointed, outstanding, loving, caring, and purposeful years of your life…and that’s totally fine. You learn some of the life’s greatest lessons in your 20’s.  I’m sure we’ve all been in that place where we think our life is coming to an end with all of the obstacles and hurdles we hit!…you just have to realize it’s not the end; it’s P R E P A R A T I O N!– Preparing you for your P U R P O S E! The obstacles we face are needed in some seasons of our lives because it produces growth. The things we go through allow us to learn lessons and the lessons we learn during the storms are far more valuable then what we get when we come out.

Through my storms I’ve learned: Patience, Resilience, Love, Humbleness, acceptance, we’re in control of our own happiness, and a laundry list of other things!

I wrote the book Her 20 SomeTHINGS for that young lady in her 20’s that is trying to grow from pain to purpose and I also share 20 life lessons you should know in your 20’s.

I asked some amazing people in their 20’s via social media one piece of advice they would give to someone in their 20’s based off of their experiences.

Read below to see what they came up with:

Don’t pressure yourself into thinking you should have it ALL together. Run at your own pace, your only competition should be becoming a better person than what you were yesterday. 🌹  ~@__corinamarie

Lock in a very good mentor. Not just a mentor that can guide you through emotional stability, but one that can take a wholistic approach…And READ MORE BOOKS 👑💛💕 ~@slum.maya 

Readers are leaders, feeding your mind is essential, don’t stress yourself out trying to have it all together because there are certain seasons you aren’t meant to go and growth through to accomplish certain things, surround yourself with people who have qualities you would like to posses, have fun and find ways to challenge your perception. There are different ways to skin a cat. Find a mentor and balance (piece of mind and peace of mind) are more important than you think. ~@diyashasmith 

It’s COMPLETELY OKAY to not have it all figured out yet! I used to beat myself up because I knew my purpose was BIG but I couldn’t fully see how it would play out! Just stay patient and know it’s a PROCESS. We have to grow and develop into who we are called to be. Take it one day at a time✨ ~@iamfancyj

Love yourself. Love where you are. Aspire to be the woman God called you to be and be comfortable with being alone. A butterfly has to be isolated in order to grow into it’s purposed position. You will make mistakes but understand the scars are apart of the process. 💕 @Shemodesty 

Start where you are. Don’t wait for everything to be lined up perfectly before you pursue your dreams. Build genuine relationships and strengthen your weak ties with people in fields you aspire to grow in. ~@marie13188

Travel early and travel often! ~@racheltravels

Get to Know and LOVE Jesus!!! That relationship is so fulfilling!!! ~@tyrajanae_

Live your truth. Stop looking to the left and right to compare yourself to others. Look forward and invest in yourself this early on, forget about the shopping. Set goals, read more, learn a new language, give more and seek God for everything. ❤️👑 ~@haja.t

Always stay true to your higher self, prioritize your family and friends, and never be afraid to embrace the good, bad, or ugly experiences because it is apart of who you are! ~@charismaticallydriven

(1) Save the excess of your refund check – for college students, (2) decide on what you want out of life and pursue it instead of going with the flow, (3) develop your relationship with God as he will lead your footsteps. ~@daynathomaslaw


Be gentle to yourself when you finally realize the mistakes you’ve made. You can always be better tomorrow. ~@meaboykins

Keep God at the center of life, through the good and bad. ~@zothemotivator

Trust the process. Finding your purpose is to ensure you live a life of purpose. Oh & trust your heart 3 stacks. ~@isimplyglo

Diversify! Your friends, your money, your travels! ~@OMyMotivation 

Don’t consume yourself with trying to look or be like other women…Your portion is enough & your purpose is just as valuable. ~@drlorneka 

WORK TO SAVE, NOT TO SPEND!! Seek God for your purpose!! Wait till marriage! ~@takelia_310 

Very simple— trust His process! ~@raciadeniseposton 

CHILL – your path is already paved for you, but you have to walk. Always forward. Always upward. Trust God to author your story so that even when the chapters don’t end how you’d expect/like them to, He sees the end from the beginning. ~@eboneespeaks 

You are more than worth it! Do not settle for less go for the BEST!!!! Find a spiritual mentor with a billionaire mindset! ~@firstladyyv 

I hope you were able to take away at least one piece of advice and apply it to your life! It’s always amazing when people can share their experiences with others to help them not make the same mistakes they’ve made or to help them in their healing process…that’s L O V E <3

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