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Being able to finish my Master’s Degree in an accelerated one year program was a great accomplishment for me. It was a rigorous curriculum and required some long nights, but I made it happen with my support system. Checkout three principles I learned throughout my course program:


1. Time literally waits for no-one

Time is an invaluable and priceless commodity. Whether you are ready or not whatever is approaching is coming regardless. So, I thought I got rid of the spirit of procrastination, but when I started my master’s program I had to humble myself real quick. **(sit down, be humble)**. I started the year off really strong. I made due dates for my assignments two days before they were actually due and everything was running so smoothly…and then life happened. ** insert weary face emoji here** I began to get overwhelmed with everything I had going on and started turning in assignments on their actual due date, then 3 minutes before the due time, and then late. After about two times of doing this I had to get it together real quick. I realized that no matter when I attempted or got my assignments done the due date and time weren’t changing and I had to conform to those deadline requirements.  At the time, my master’s degree was in my top three MIT’s (most important things) but I was acting like it was top five. I was quickly able to get my priority management back in order with a slight mindset shift and never had another late assignment. I related this experience to life. A lot of times we think we “have time” to get stuff done but in reality we don’t. Everything in life should be urgent because delaying may cause you to miss an opportunity or experience. Time will not stop for us to catch up, so it’s better to arrive earlier than to be late. So I learned that my grandfather wan’t playing when he taught me the principle “time waits for no man.”


2. You can’t finesse everyone

The finesse can only work so many times. It worked in high school when all you had to do literally was shed a tear and your teacher began to feel bad for you and gave you a second chance. You maybe even got away with finessing in your undergrad. Sitting in the front row in class, asking questions, and laughing at the professors jokes was a sure way to make sure they were on your side. However, grad school….not happening! In a rare case your professor will actually bend the requirements for you. Trust me I know, I tried! My daddy would call that “average behavior”. Haha! So for the couple of late assignments I did have my professors were not lenient on me at all. I learned that in life, every action has a reaction and sometimes it can be good or bad. If you decide to make a bad decision, not follow proper protocol or deadlines you have to deal with the consequences head on. So, instead of making excuses and attempting to finesse the situation or person take full responsibility.


3. There’s beauty in transferable skills

Transferable skills are skills and abilities that are relevant and helpful across different areas of life. Utilizing the skills that iv’e acquired throughout my life and previous education allowed this process with my master’s degree to be a little more smooth. Not realizing that I didn’t have to relearn a lot of things I could just transfer the skills i’ve acquired. Problem solving, collaboration, resourcefulness, research, communication, critical thinking, writing, and editing. I think in life we tend to try to reinvent a lot of stuff causing more of a headache on ourselves when a lot has already been done we just need to use the resources that we’re given.  Transferable skills make life much easier!


My master’s program was very hands on and all of my coursework was applicable to my field. I’m proud to say that not only did I learn a lot when it came to the art of public relations, but I also learned some valuable life principles.

Today, I can proudly say I now have a master’s degree in Public Relations. (M.A. Public Relations)

I’m committed to success.

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  • Megs

    Yes black girl magic! I love it! Many blessings to every endeavor you have & congratulations on such an AH-MAZING accomplishment💗

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